Saturday, May 4, 2013

It's a start

In the month of April I lost seven pounds, which is pretty good considering I wasn't that great about my diet, nor did I exercise like I should have. I can do better, not necessarily in losing more weight, but in making healthier choices and developing patterns that will help me continue to lose weight and then keep it off. But like I said, it's a start - and we all have to start somewhere. So my goals for the next week are to exercise at least three days, eat healthier meals (especially more veggies), and cut out the unhealthy snacks.

In other news, I'm finished with another semester of school. I feel like my finals went pretty well. Grades will be up Monday or Tuesday, so we'll see! I'll be finishing up a project this summer and taking an online class, then I'll have two semesters left until I graduate. It's exciting, but also a little unreal. This has been such a long time coming.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Discouraged? Me too

Wow, it's been a while since I looked at my blog, let alone posted to it. I've been busy with school, and haven't made time for diet and exercise, which I know is bad and self-defeating. It's ironic how when I'm stressed, I eat and I can't find motivation to exercise, yet exercise and healthy eating are some of the best things for reducing stress. Over the last seven and a half months, I have gained back much of the weight I lost last year because of this. It's beyond discouraging, but I'm starting to pull out of it again - I've been good the last three weeks, so I'm starting to lose weight again.
Getting back on track is hard, to say the least. My mother has been dieting and exercising over the last few months, and seeing her success has encouraged me to kick myself back in gear. It's still a struggle, but it's worth it. I want my joints and back to stop hating me, I want to be able to do things like  go swimming or ride a roller coaster or run around with my nieces and nephews. I want to be healthy, to have a stronger immune system so that I'm not getting sick all the time, to have the energy and stamina to be productive and active. I want to feel good, and feel good about myself. The sense of accomplishment from making healthy choices and seeing physical results is definitely satisfying. I want to get back to where I was a year go, and then continue to move forward.
I know what I want, so now the question is, what am I going to do about it? I have already started to be more careful about how much I eat, but I can do better, and I need to take it a step further to making sure I eat the right balance of nutrients. I need to start exercising regularly again, pushing myself to move a little faster and farther each day, and adding a strength training schedule back into my week. I need to get my sleep schedule under control and do everything I can to keep it reasonable. I'm in a better position now to set some goals and accomplish them than I was a few weeks or months ago, but I still need to work at not letting myself become overwhelmed or more discouraged.

What do you do when you get off track or discouraged?