Saturday, May 4, 2013

It's a start

In the month of April I lost seven pounds, which is pretty good considering I wasn't that great about my diet, nor did I exercise like I should have. I can do better, not necessarily in losing more weight, but in making healthier choices and developing patterns that will help me continue to lose weight and then keep it off. But like I said, it's a start - and we all have to start somewhere. So my goals for the next week are to exercise at least three days, eat healthier meals (especially more veggies), and cut out the unhealthy snacks.

In other news, I'm finished with another semester of school. I feel like my finals went pretty well. Grades will be up Monday or Tuesday, so we'll see! I'll be finishing up a project this summer and taking an online class, then I'll have two semesters left until I graduate. It's exciting, but also a little unreal. This has been such a long time coming.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Discouraged? Me too

Wow, it's been a while since I looked at my blog, let alone posted to it. I've been busy with school, and haven't made time for diet and exercise, which I know is bad and self-defeating. It's ironic how when I'm stressed, I eat and I can't find motivation to exercise, yet exercise and healthy eating are some of the best things for reducing stress. Over the last seven and a half months, I have gained back much of the weight I lost last year because of this. It's beyond discouraging, but I'm starting to pull out of it again - I've been good the last three weeks, so I'm starting to lose weight again.
Getting back on track is hard, to say the least. My mother has been dieting and exercising over the last few months, and seeing her success has encouraged me to kick myself back in gear. It's still a struggle, but it's worth it. I want my joints and back to stop hating me, I want to be able to do things like  go swimming or ride a roller coaster or run around with my nieces and nephews. I want to be healthy, to have a stronger immune system so that I'm not getting sick all the time, to have the energy and stamina to be productive and active. I want to feel good, and feel good about myself. The sense of accomplishment from making healthy choices and seeing physical results is definitely satisfying. I want to get back to where I was a year go, and then continue to move forward.
I know what I want, so now the question is, what am I going to do about it? I have already started to be more careful about how much I eat, but I can do better, and I need to take it a step further to making sure I eat the right balance of nutrients. I need to start exercising regularly again, pushing myself to move a little faster and farther each day, and adding a strength training schedule back into my week. I need to get my sleep schedule under control and do everything I can to keep it reasonable. I'm in a better position now to set some goals and accomplish them than I was a few weeks or months ago, but I still need to work at not letting myself become overwhelmed or more discouraged.

What do you do when you get off track or discouraged?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Slacker, reporting

I have been such a slacker. I could use school as an excuse, but honestly school hasn't been too busy yet. I could use school plus work as an excuse, but even that hasn't taken up so much of my time that I don't have hours of free time. What it really comes down to is choosing to spend my time doing other things besides working out, or planning meals, or keeping track of calories, or any of the things that helped me find so much success earlier in the year. Definitely a slacker, and I've gained back ten pounds in the last two months, of the thirty-five I lost in the first four months of the year. If that's not a kick in the pants, I don't know what is.

I know I keep saying I really need to get busy, to get back on track and make healthy choices. And yet I keep putting it off, saying I'll start back on my healthy diet tomorrow, I'll start exercising next week, I'll start counting calories again after I get back from vacation. There went the whole summer. The second week of classes is almost up, so the I'll start back to the gym again once I have access for fall semester has been put off by a few weeks now. However, there is something about the negative motivation of seeing that number on the scale. Maybe that will be enough to get me moving again - or maybe it won't if I'm still saying 'maybe'. I'll let you know!

On the plus side, school is going great so far. I'm excited to be back in school, and very encouraged about this semester and the classes I'm taking. I just had a probability class before this, and I'm heading off to my computer architecture class now, then web programming after that. I also have advanced programming on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. And I'm off to classe!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Back from vacation

I am home from a crazy and exciting couple of weeks away. I flew out to Utah for a couple of family reunions (one in Idaho, one in Utah), then drove back across the country with my mom, got home just in time to do my laundry and repack, then flew to DC the next day. Back-to-back trips are exhausting, but I had a great time. The not-so-great part is that I did gain about five pounds over the course of those two weeks, but that was to be expected. Now it's really time to get serious again and lose the weight I gained, and then just keep going from there.

It was a lot of fun and see people I haven't seen in a while (both at the family reunions and in DC). It was also quite energizing to hear the comments and compliments face-to-face from people who care about me and are as pleased with my progress so far as I am. I feel encouraged and motivated to get back on track and push forward, and that is just what I needed.

One week from today I will have access to the gym again. I'm looking forward to getting back into strength training and cardio workouts. It will be interesting to see how much I have regressed during the three months I have not done much resistance training to speak of. I think before these last two weeks that would have been a depressing and discouraging thought, but now I'm just excited to get back to it!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Sweet dreams

I'm finally sleeping at something close to a 'normal' time, for a few days anyway, or however long it is before something else comes up to throw my sleep off again. It really doesn't take much. I'm going to make it a priority to try to stay on a healthy sleep schedule now though, because I know how important sleep is in the establishing a healthy lifestyle. Of course, that will probably go out the window while I'm on vacation, but not too far I hope!

I'm getting ready to head out to Utah and Idaho for a couple of family reunions. I'm excited to see my siblings and their kids who are out that way, as well as cousins and aunts and uncles I don't get to see very often. I'll get to see my youngest nephew for the first time (he was born in May), and I'm always excited to see my other nieces and nephews - they're just so adorable, and so much fun! So I'm flying out to Utah next Wednesday (July 18), then I'll be driving back to Indiana with my mother either July 23-24 or 24-25. Hopefully 23-24 because on July 26 I'm flying out to DC for a few days, and it would be great to have the 25th to recover from the long drive home and prepare for the DC part of my vacation. We'll see how it goes.

In the mean time, now that I'm back on a more healthy schedule as far as sleep goes, it's much easier to make myself eat reasonably and plan for exercise. When I'm sleeping during the day, it's even harder to keep up the energy and motivation than usual. -- Okay, I just heard something knock knock knocking above my head. Hopefully just be squirrels unloading our pear tree onto the roof, and not some critter(s) in the attic! Totally lost my train of thought there. Oh well, here's to enjoying the day!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Bat Crazy...

This is hard for me to write. Harder than the lack of progress from my previous few posts. The last two weeks, I have gained weight. I know it's common for there to be some up and down when one is trying to lose or maintain weight, but for a couple of months I was staying within one or two pounds of the same weight. Then the last two weeks, it was up by four pounds total. I know why. I've been eating junk, skimping out on exercise, and for the last week my sleep schedule has been completely upside down. It's so hard to find the drive to get back to making healthy choices, but one way or another, I am determined to do it.

Funny story. I mentioned my sleep schedule. Last Saturday night, I was sitting in the living room, doing something on my computer. It was pretty late, the house was totally quiet (more so than normal since I was the only person here), when I see a dark blur and a big shadow fly across the kitchen doorway. My immediate thought was, "Oh great, there's a bat in the house." So I watch for a minute, then go back to what I was doing. A few seconds later, the bat comes flying through the living room, into the dining room, then through the kitchen again, and around and around in crazy circles trying to find a way out. I started to freak out a little, because it was flying about halfway between the floor and the ceiling, and I was feeling a little trapped.

Then it flew about two inches above my head, and I really started freaking out (for me). It was pretty late by then, and I was the only one in the house and had no idea what to do. I called my mom, she's in California for a visit, so it wasn't near as late there. While I was on the phone with her, the bat flew close to my head a couple more times, and each time I hunched farther down on the couch, until I decided it would be better to crouch down on the floor and figure out a way to get down the hall and shut myself up in one of the bedrooms. Mom suggested I run to her room, since it has the attached master bathroom. Problem was, I didn't dare move for fear of the bat. Even while I was crouched on the floor, that darn bat was swooping down entirely too close to me for comfort. I ended up lying down on the floor in the shadow of the coffee table, still on the phone with mom trying to calm down enough to get to the relative safety of the master bedroom. At one point while the bat was flying through the dining room and kitchen, I gathered up my things and made a dash down the hall, closing doors to the other rooms along the way.

I was still too freaked out to do anything about the bat, and too on edge to get any sleep at all that night. I never considered myself a wuss before when it came to creepy, crawly, or flying things, but apparently I am terrified of bats! It took me a couple of days to recover,  and even though I didn't see the bat again after that first night I spent most of that time shut up in the master bedroom.

Friday, June 15, 2012


It's been too long since my last post. I'm still struggling with getting back on track and staying the course - I've stayed around the same weight, within a pound or two either direction, for two months now. That's certainly better than gaining back what I lost, but if I don't get it together I will start gaining. I haven't been tracking my nutrition or even trying to eat healthy or sensibly, though I have at least tried to keep from going overboard most of the time. I also haven't been exercising hardly at all, other than the little I get when I water the garden or a walk now and then. In other words, more of the same I've been writing about for a while now.

It's past time I commit to a definite workout schedule and recommit to balanced nutrition. I'm not sure what time I'll be finished working for today, but I should have time this evening for a walk, so I'll start there and then walk tomorrow evening as well. I'll start with 30 minutes a day, five days next week, and work my way back up from there. I'll try mornings next week to see how that goes, then decide where to go from there. I'm going to start using SparkPeople to track everything again, and post here periodically to report my progress and update my goals.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Getting back to work

I mentioned before that I had been sick. I ended up getting worse after my last post, and I'm still sick now but nearly better. My exercise for the last week and a half has consisted almost entirely of watering the grass and vegetable garden. It really is a pretty decent workout, wrestling with the hose and getting everything watered, but I'm ready to start walking again too. Over the last week, I lost what I had gained back the week before, which is encouraging. Now to just keep moving in the right direction.

I really want to get in good enough shape to try running, but that will be a while. I've been looking at some tips for getting started, and I know there's a lot I can do now that will make the transition to running easier. Pushing myself harder, either faster or farther, during my walks is one big thing. It's something I need to be doing anyway just for the sake of getting enough exercise. Strengthening exercises are another plus, and though I will not be going to the gym again until fall, I'm planning some things I can do on my own at home. And finally, eating healthy, balanced meals so that I'm getting the proper nutrition is essential. Nothing new, I know, but definitely things I need to remember and keep working on. And while it will be several months at the earliest before I can even start running, it's good to have goals to look forward to!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another week slipped by

So, I have let yet another week slip by me. I did make a decision about what I'll do for the summer for resistance training, but I didn't follow through with it yet, and now I'm having second thoughts about spending the money on it. I probably don't have the money for it now anyway. It's not so bad, as long as I keep doing -something- on my own. A few basic strength training exercises at home, plus cardio five or six days a week for the summer would be fine. Then I can start up at the rec center again in the Fall.

On Monday I had to make an emergency dentist visit. I got a temporary filling, and tomorrow I'm supposed to get foundation work done for crowns, but I might have to reschedule because I'm sick. I'm going to have to have two crowns - there goes all the money I had managed to save, and then some. That was supposed to go toward tuition in the Fall. I'm just hoping at this point that I don't have to have a root canal too. We're doing a wait and see game for that. I won't know for sure until the visit after

Oh right, I've been sick all week with a nasty head cold, which doesn't help anything. I really need to just push through and make myself get moving again. I know I won't be able to go full speed ahead until I'm well, but I'm not sick enough that I can't do anything at all. So I'm going to start small again. I'll take a leisurely walk this evening after I do the watering (newly planted grass and a vegetable garden). Tomorrow I'll walk a little harder, either faster or father or both, and progressively work my way back up to where I should be. I need to start blogging more often too. Maybe then I'll have more incentive to actually follow through with my exercise plan so I'll have something positive to write about!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One hurdle down

Semester grades were made available online today, and I ended up faring better than expected! Two As, two Bs, and I have never been more thrilled about Bs than for those two classes. Especially Econometrics. That is the most challenging class I have ever taken. I am ecstatic that the semester went so well!

Yesterday and today, I have been so lazy, but that's not going to continue. I need to get back into a routine as far as meals and exercise are concerned, and especially sleep schedule. Tomorrow is decision day for what resistance training I will do through the summer. I'll also be spending time workout out some menu ideas tomorrow for the next few weeks. I'm working from 9am to 9pm on Friday, so that should help keep me from going too crazy with my sleep schedule - this week at least. When I'm at work is when I'm worst about what I eat though, so I'll need to plan carefully. I am determined to do better than I have in the past few weeks, doing more each day to improve my health and happiness.