Monday, May 28, 2012

Getting back to work

I mentioned before that I had been sick. I ended up getting worse after my last post, and I'm still sick now but nearly better. My exercise for the last week and a half has consisted almost entirely of watering the grass and vegetable garden. It really is a pretty decent workout, wrestling with the hose and getting everything watered, but I'm ready to start walking again too. Over the last week, I lost what I had gained back the week before, which is encouraging. Now to just keep moving in the right direction.

I really want to get in good enough shape to try running, but that will be a while. I've been looking at some tips for getting started, and I know there's a lot I can do now that will make the transition to running easier. Pushing myself harder, either faster or farther, during my walks is one big thing. It's something I need to be doing anyway just for the sake of getting enough exercise. Strengthening exercises are another plus, and though I will not be going to the gym again until fall, I'm planning some things I can do on my own at home. And finally, eating healthy, balanced meals so that I'm getting the proper nutrition is essential. Nothing new, I know, but definitely things I need to remember and keep working on. And while it will be several months at the earliest before I can even start running, it's good to have goals to look forward to!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Another week slipped by

So, I have let yet another week slip by me. I did make a decision about what I'll do for the summer for resistance training, but I didn't follow through with it yet, and now I'm having second thoughts about spending the money on it. I probably don't have the money for it now anyway. It's not so bad, as long as I keep doing -something- on my own. A few basic strength training exercises at home, plus cardio five or six days a week for the summer would be fine. Then I can start up at the rec center again in the Fall.

On Monday I had to make an emergency dentist visit. I got a temporary filling, and tomorrow I'm supposed to get foundation work done for crowns, but I might have to reschedule because I'm sick. I'm going to have to have two crowns - there goes all the money I had managed to save, and then some. That was supposed to go toward tuition in the Fall. I'm just hoping at this point that I don't have to have a root canal too. We're doing a wait and see game for that. I won't know for sure until the visit after

Oh right, I've been sick all week with a nasty head cold, which doesn't help anything. I really need to just push through and make myself get moving again. I know I won't be able to go full speed ahead until I'm well, but I'm not sick enough that I can't do anything at all. So I'm going to start small again. I'll take a leisurely walk this evening after I do the watering (newly planted grass and a vegetable garden). Tomorrow I'll walk a little harder, either faster or father or both, and progressively work my way back up to where I should be. I need to start blogging more often too. Maybe then I'll have more incentive to actually follow through with my exercise plan so I'll have something positive to write about!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One hurdle down

Semester grades were made available online today, and I ended up faring better than expected! Two As, two Bs, and I have never been more thrilled about Bs than for those two classes. Especially Econometrics. That is the most challenging class I have ever taken. I am ecstatic that the semester went so well!

Yesterday and today, I have been so lazy, but that's not going to continue. I need to get back into a routine as far as meals and exercise are concerned, and especially sleep schedule. Tomorrow is decision day for what resistance training I will do through the summer. I'll also be spending time workout out some menu ideas tomorrow for the next few weeks. I'm working from 9am to 9pm on Friday, so that should help keep me from going too crazy with my sleep schedule - this week at least. When I'm at work is when I'm worst about what I eat though, so I'll need to plan carefully. I am determined to do better than I have in the past few weeks, doing more each day to improve my health and happiness.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


Well, I am finished with the semester! It feels great to have it done and behind me. I should know my grades tomorrow. I'm feeling pretty good about the semester. I have really loved being back in school, but I'm glad to have a break for the summer. None of my classes are offered during the summer, so I'll just focus on work and working on my health.

I still haven't settled on what to do for strength training for the summer. I keep going back and forth between paying $90 for a summer pass to the student rec center or buying a program my cousin recommended and working the program alongside her. The rec center works well for me, when I actually make myself go, but it might be nice to have more at-home workout options.