Tuesday, May 8, 2012

One hurdle down

Semester grades were made available online today, and I ended up faring better than expected! Two As, two Bs, and I have never been more thrilled about Bs than for those two classes. Especially Econometrics. That is the most challenging class I have ever taken. I am ecstatic that the semester went so well!

Yesterday and today, I have been so lazy, but that's not going to continue. I need to get back into a routine as far as meals and exercise are concerned, and especially sleep schedule. Tomorrow is decision day for what resistance training I will do through the summer. I'll also be spending time workout out some menu ideas tomorrow for the next few weeks. I'm working from 9am to 9pm on Friday, so that should help keep me from going too crazy with my sleep schedule - this week at least. When I'm at work is when I'm worst about what I eat though, so I'll need to plan carefully. I am determined to do better than I have in the past few weeks, doing more each day to improve my health and happiness.

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