Monday, May 28, 2012

Getting back to work

I mentioned before that I had been sick. I ended up getting worse after my last post, and I'm still sick now but nearly better. My exercise for the last week and a half has consisted almost entirely of watering the grass and vegetable garden. It really is a pretty decent workout, wrestling with the hose and getting everything watered, but I'm ready to start walking again too. Over the last week, I lost what I had gained back the week before, which is encouraging. Now to just keep moving in the right direction.

I really want to get in good enough shape to try running, but that will be a while. I've been looking at some tips for getting started, and I know there's a lot I can do now that will make the transition to running easier. Pushing myself harder, either faster or farther, during my walks is one big thing. It's something I need to be doing anyway just for the sake of getting enough exercise. Strengthening exercises are another plus, and though I will not be going to the gym again until fall, I'm planning some things I can do on my own at home. And finally, eating healthy, balanced meals so that I'm getting the proper nutrition is essential. Nothing new, I know, but definitely things I need to remember and keep working on. And while it will be several months at the earliest before I can even start running, it's good to have goals to look forward to!

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