Monday, March 19, 2012

Busy workout day!

I had another busy day today between classes, meal planning, homework, working out, and keeping up with blogs. Busy is good, I feel so productive when I make it through a busy day and accomplish most of what I set out to do. I was tempted to skip my evening class to spend the time on other things, but I'm glad I didn't, because we have an exam coming up and he spent some time going over what will be on it. I'm also glad I didn't put off my workout, though I was very tempted. I walked to my car after class for my warm-up, then I was tempted to go home and have dinner and come back to campus later. I made myself go directly to the gym instead, and had a really good workout. I did a slightly modified routine because of my bruised leg, but I worked the same muscle groups as usual. I substituted the leg press for leg extensions and leg curls, since the leg extension machine would have been very painful because the bar hits right across the knot and bruise above my ankle. I think I like the leg press better anyway. I'm getting the idea that maybe I should try to mix it up with some of my other exercises as well to see if there is a better fit for me.

The fitness area at the rec center was very busy this evening, but my workout wasn't delayed. I did change up the order of exercises based on which machines were available, so I really only ended up having to wait on one machine. I had a great walk on the treadmill after I finished with the weights. I pushed myself to walk faster for longer, starting at an 18:10 minute/mile pace for two and a half minutes, then speeding up to 16:40 for ten minutes. Jeopardy was on television at this point, so I had a nice distraction trying to come up with the correct questions. Engaging my mind in that way is better than just passively watching a show or listening to music - a better distraction that makes the time seem to go by faster.

Question of the day: What is your favorite distraction, whether during a workout or just passing the time?
In general, my distraction of choice is reading. I haven't tried getting audiobooks to listen to while I work out yet, but I think I'll line some up in the near future. I also enjoy trivia and puzzles!

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  1. If you can prop up your laptop, jump on ancestry, or do some extractions. Reed has been working on one of the McGrew lines this last week and having a blast! Or you could look at random articles on Wikipedia. It's so easy to get "lost" doing that!