Saturday, March 31, 2012

Still plodding along!

I slept beautifully last night, and had a nice relaxed day today. My week was pretty busy and stressful, so it was nice to just be able to unwind today. I probably spent a little too much time unwinding and not enough preparing for the coming week, but I really did need to relax. I'll just have to plan my time better during the week to make sure I get everything done!

I'm planning morning workouts for next week, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, to see how that works for getting my day started when I have a busy day ahead. I don't start classes until 10, so I don't have to go super early to exercise, but it will still be a challenge. I'm the kind of person who likes to stay in bed until the last minute, until I roll out of bed and have to hurry to get ready that is. I've been better about that since I started keeping a food log, since I know I have to make time for a good breakfast. Still, some days I end up grabbing something fast on my way out the door.

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Today, I feel like this turtle. Sometimes I get to thinking about how long the road ahead of me is and how it is going to take ages to get where I really want to be, and it's hard not to groan or get discouraged. But then I remind myself that the important thing is that I keep going. Just keep plodding along, and little by little, I'll make it. It has been so helpful to have smaller goals that are easily within reach. I have weekly goals, monthly goals, and quarterly goals that are close enough to keep me motivated. It also feels great to accomplish the smaller goals and have that extra boost along the way. So, even if it sometimes seems like I'm a turtle who just passed the first few yards of a mile-long journey, I'm still plodding along!

Question of the day: What animal do you relate to today?

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