Sunday, March 18, 2012

Feeling much better!

I was pretty under the weather when I posted last night, but my workout yesterday really wasn't that bad. I tried a few things differently, like changing my pace when lifting and doing biceps curls one arm at a time instead of both. The latter was a good idea, as it turns out the main problem I was having with biceps curls before was that the machine just isn't a comfortable fit for me to lift with both arms at once. I will probably do my biceps curls this way from now on. I will have to make some other modifications in my next workout too, because I bruised my leg just above the ankle this afternoon, so I won't be able to use the leg extension machine for a few days.

In spite of not getting enough sleep last night (again), I was feeling so much better when I got up this morning. I received a lot of positive comments and encouragement from friends at church, who noticed that I have lost weight. That's always nice! Beyond the comments from others, I also saw myself in a full-length mirror for the first time since before I started losing weight. I just had to smile and think to myself, "Wow, I really am losing weight!" I mean, I know I am - I feel the difference in my energy level, in how my clothes fit, in the number on the scale, in the monthly measurements I take - but it's different to really SEE the changes.

I had my dad take a couple of pictures today, and they're not too bad, but I'm not going to post yet because I need to see if I can find a better before picture. The one that I have is at a weird angle, so it doesn't give an accurate comparison.

Question of the day: What is the strangest compliment you have ever received?
I have noticed that if you are losing weight, unless you bring up the topic of weight first, people tend to dance around it a bit when they notice and want to compliment you. I can't remember any specific comments at the moment, but I have received some that were pretty off-the-wall - I wish I had written them down at the time!

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  1. "You look so pretty when you wash your hair every day! You should really do that every day!" from Grammy. I had washed my hair that morning. ;)