Thursday, March 8, 2012

KFC is evil

I very rarely have fried chicken, but I love the taste of KFC extra crispy, usually breast meat. The family I sit for several evenings a week brings KFC for dinner at least once every two weeks, sometimes more. Tonight was a KFC night, and it was so hard to resist having some. It tastes so good, but it is not worth all that fat, all those calories. So I resisted. It's kind of sad that I'm so proud of myself for that feat, but I am. Following a balanced, nutritious diet is such an important part of a healthy lifestyle, and giving in to empty calories just robs me of more nutritious alternatives or leads to overeating, or both. I have done so well with my diet these last two months, but there are still times that I'm sorely tempted to choose unhealthy food, especially when I'm away from home feeding the kids dinner. I don't know if that will ever really get easier, but I know I'm stronger for each time I resist.

Looking forward to tomorrow's workout. I'll have to go during the morning or early afternoon because I'll be working in the evening, but that's fine because it will give me a chance to see what difference it makes to work out before the end of the day.

Question of the day: What time of day do you prefer to exercise?
For my strength training so far I have only done evening workouts, and I like how that turned out, but for cardio I prefer mid-day just before lunch.


  1. I think that the mid-morning time is my favorite...after breakfast has settled a bit, and before lunch.

  2. Sadly, I think first thing in the morning is probably my favorite. I say sadly because I can never convince myself that exercise > extra snoozes.