Friday, March 2, 2012

I love Friday!

That's right. Friday is awesome. I had a great workout tonight! I almost didn't go because work ran late so I didn't have time before dinner, and after dinner I just didn't feel like going out again. I figured I could just work out tomorrow and it would be fine. I'm glad I made myself go tonight, because putting it off until tomorrow is a bad habit to fall into. I'm also glad for working out this evening because it just went really well. I like evening workouts so far; I may just make that my regular schedule.

I started with a long warm-up, and I was feeling pretty pumped by the time I finished walking a mile. I went ahead and did a two-set workout similar to the one-set round I did on Tuesday. I worked my way through chest press, leg curl, assisted pull-up, leg extension, assisted dip, heel raises on the leg press, biceps curl, back extension, and abdominal crunch with the same weight on most as I did last time. I was able to do more repetitions in the first set tonight, followed by a brief break, and then a second set with about the number of reps I did in my sets on Tuesday. The biggest differences in my workout were the assisted pull-ups and dips. The highest weight setting is not quite high enough to sufficiently offset my weight for me to accomplish 12-15 reps of either pull-ups or dips, so I just did what I could. I'm really going to feel that in the morning, but for now I feel amazing!

Question of the day: In honor of Spring Break (no, I'm not going anywhere), what is your dream vacation?


  1. Disney World (with no babies), of course!

  2. Southern California to do all the things I couldn't do as a missionary, like go to Disneyland :)