Friday, March 16, 2012

I need new clothes!

I'm going to have to break down and buy new clothes sooner than I had planned - they're just way too big now! Such a wonderful problem to have!

My feet were rather sore this morning from yesterday's workout. I pushed my warm-up walking harder than I have before, and it showed today. I had to take it a little easier walking today because of it, but that's alright - certainly better than pushing myself too hard and ending up with an injury. Tomorrow is going to be a rather full day with a program for the women's organization at church, my workout, and homework. I like keeping busy, as long as it's not too busy.

I'm well over half-way into my 30 day challenge, and I have come to realize that I have a bit more research to do for the paper I am writing to go along with my research and experiences. My original research was good for preparing me to plan my resistance training and get started, but I'm thinking I need to branch out a little for the purpose of my research paper. One thing I'd like to look at is a comparison between resistance training programs for people at different fitness levels. My focus up until now has been on nutrition and fitness for the purpose of weight loss, since that is what applies to my specific situation, but it would be useful to know how to address the wide range of fitness levels among my audience.

Question of the day: What types of exercise would you include in your own custom fitness program - what exercises do you enjoy/are you most likely to stick to?
So far, I'm still working up to getting in good enough shape so that I have more options for exercise. I'd like to try a lot of different things, like running or zumba or any number of high-intensity aerobic exercises, and find what works best for me.


  1. I love anything dancy...core rhythms is super fun. Beware: Zumba is amazing and toooo fun, but I have never felt so uncoordinated in my life. When you do try it, give it time if it doesn't click right away (I have only heard other dancers complain about this problem, oddly enough).

  2. Yay congratulations on new clothes!! You are awesome!

    If I was in better shape, I always thought dancing would be the best. I love dancing now (by myself with NO ONE watching), but I'm not confident enough to actually do any sort of established work out potentially with other people.

    I also love sports. Being able to play a soccer game without getting super winded in the first five minutes would be awesome. I'd play every day if I knew enough people that wanted to.

    1. I'm the same with sports. Soccer and volleyball mostly. I'd love to be able to play regularly.

  3. I love Zumba. It's the most fun I've ever had while feeling like an idiot at the same time. I'm no dancer, but I feel like I'm getting a good workout every time and I just laugh at myself for my lack of coordination. It also helps that I have friends that do it with me, and I have access to a class that's free! Can't beat that! Nancy, you should come with me next time you are in town.