Friday, March 9, 2012

So tired...

I didn't make it over to the rec center today, and at this point I won't have a chance to get there before it closes at 9 tonight. I haven't decided whether to try some strength exercises at home tonight, or go to the rec center to work out tomorrow. Probably the latter because using weight machines gives me more control over how much I am working my muscles and how many muscle groups I am working. I'm considering taking a fitness class for body toning so I can learn some more dynamic exercises to add variety to my workouts, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that yet.

I have been so tired all week. I really need to do something about my sleep schedule. That is something I have always struggled with between insomnia, procrastination, and getting too involved in reading or some other activity long past a sensible bed time. During breaks I just let my schedule get out of hand, mostly because I know I don't have anywhere to be in the morning so I don't make myself get to bed at a reasonable time. I need to work on that, especially because of the impact poor sleep has on health.

Question of the day: What do you do to keep a healthy sleep schedule, or what keeps you from sleeping as you should?


  1. You should look on pinterest for some at home workouts...there is a four minute one that Reed does that is killer. As for sleep, the need for time away from babies keeps me up. Reed and I don't get a ton of time without them and so we often stay up too late. For a while, we set an alarm and it told us "okay, it's time to get ready for bed" and we did well with that.

    1. I think I'll try setting an "it's time for bed" alarm. Of course, the key will still be listening to it and going to bed, though there are times when just that little reminder would pull me out of whatever I'm doing

  2. Depends on the day. Sometimes Achaea, sometimes a good book, sometimes the desire to procrastinate going to work again as long as possible.

    Sleep is definitely huge. When I was losing weight the end of last year, I was sleeping 10pm to 6am. I'm not sure which came first, but now that I'm not losing weight, I stay up later and struggle waking up by 7 every morning for work.

    Also, yay for commenting on old posts. Ha!